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My song “Status”

I moved to Key West, Florida.

Well, it will be two years and nine months on September 27th. I used to live in Pennsylvania but, like a certain club of travelers to Key West, I discovered I couldn’t stay away. Drawn like a bee to nectar, I found the idea of living here succulent and sustaining. Living in Key West and the Florida Keys presented both a challenge and an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

My past I’ll delve into more over time. The immediate question: Why Key West?

Why not? It’s beautiful, tropical, as far south as you can go in the contiguous United States. Key West is home to many artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers. Its past is full of amazing stories, historical, humorous, ghoulish… Snow? Never. Coldest it’s ever been here is 41 degrees in 1981 and 1886. The houses here are a mixture of New England and the Bahamas with some modern influences thrown in. Less than 2 miles wide and four miles long, Key West is Paradise to many for a variety of reasons.

The downside? Living here is expensive, especially when it comes to housing. Finding a yearly rental and one that is affordable is difficult. Property values are very inflated right now with taxes and related expenses rising. It’s a small island with very little available space. Also, as a tourist town, there are a variety of concerns with the ebb and flow of humanity. Tropical weather is also be something to be concerned about as there is only one road in and out of here. And then there’s the wild chickens, iguanas and mosquitos.

These are all well-known facts about the island. So, why did I personally move here?

As I stated above, moving here presented great opportunities and, at the same time, lots of risk. Key West seemed like the place I could thrive as an artist, something I felt I hadn’t been doing well before coming here. As a songwriter, writer, artist, performer and craftsperson this little island felt like a place where I could explore a new life as a full-time creative. The change was a drastic one, leaving what had been familiar my whole life for an entirely different climate, set of friends, circumstances. It was momentous, mid-life, motivated by that fear of time getting shorter.

Two years and almost nine months later, I’m doing what I came here to do. I no longer have a day job. I make music, perform, write, promote myself, do art, all full time. I’m grateful to be living in a beautiful place living life full out. I’ve made many mistakes but I’m determined to keep going forward, living this life that I love in this beautiful place and sharing the story with you.

If you haven’t done so, check out the video and audio link for my song “Status.” You can download the song and my other music when you visit My website.



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