“Her heart belongs to the open seas.
She wants to soar on the ocean breeze.
Salty air and the sun is all she needs.
She’s TropiGal.”

TropiGal on YouTube

The title cut to my first CD is a song about women who are called to live their lives tropically. Being near the salt water, playing on the beach, taking cruises to island destinations is what makes their lives complete. They would rather sit by the ocean than be anywhere else.

Landlocked in Maryland or Pennsylvania, our family would travel about three hours “down the Shore” to vacation by the mighty Atlantic. A frequent stay was Wildwood, NJ. We also stayed in Cape May and surrounding areas. Wildwood was a funky town with quaint motels, miles of boardwalk and attractions. I loved being there. My mom always said that her summer wasn’t complete unless she smelled salty air.

After moving to Key West I’ve met many who came here on vacation and felt they couldn’t live anywhere else, some of them women. My friend LaReta from Indiana arrived 6 weeks after I did. Another friend, Jean, decided to move here from Colorado with the random throw of a dart. I’m inspired by the stories of how they came here so much I’d like to write a book called “TropiGal: Women in Paradise” or a similar title. It would be based in fact but mostly fictionalized stories of a group of female friends in Key West. I’m not sure whether it will be short stories or a novel. I think I like the novel idea best.  You can let me know what you think in the comments.


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