Tim Burton said, “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”

Sometimes I’m driven, like many, to express my opinion about the current political climate or some other issue on the interwebs. It’s so easy to drop a comment or get pulled into an argument, trading barbs and blasting angry words in a thread. I’m doing my best not to react, and I’ve failed, but it saddens me to see even my own family making hate-filled posts. The best I can do is unfollow the worst, which I have done (family, too) and find inner calm to not jump into the fray. Politics in this country are out of control and I’m frankly hoping for a peaceful shake up of the system. I’m hoping for a future where we aren’t propelled toward hate and fear by talking heads on cable news networks and false propaganda masquerading as truth.

I realize we all are emotional creatures. Having been assaulted more than once as a young female I find the current news cycle to be very disturbing. That said, I can’t discount the feelings and concerns of others about the candidates. We are all being pulled this way and that because of a myriad of reasons personal and political. This is not a simple process.

If we can find a way to look past the lies and our emotions perhaps we can be more reasonable people. We can choose to find inner peace and practice peace between us if we think first and don’t just react. Agree to disagree and shake hands. What happened to polite discussion? Ask yourself, “Is this for real?” Think. These people aren’t demons. They are very flawed individuals in the political arena, sparring for the highest office in the land. I would love to see respectful dialogue that doesn’t include memes and name calling. Even the most basic comments have become a field for trolls.

In conclusion, the internet is a place where opinion becomes reality. When discourse of any kind becomes angry ranting and vicious thoughtless attacks, I’m out.Be a positive vehicle for change, not just an angry voice shouting diatribes. Practice peace, respect others of every race and creed, and consider things from another’s perspective. That’s what my mom and my faith taught me.

Thanks for reading.

Photo from Key Largo, FL



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