Yesterday, January 7th, 2017, the temperature in Key West as a balmy 85. The rest of the East Coast was looking at very low temperatures and snow storms. What could that mean for our little island town?

Today is a very different picture. After rain and storms passed through, that all changed. I know most of you will yawn, snigger or say, “Whatever,” but it’s COLD here today. The projected low appeared to be 68 Fahrenheit yesterday, but that was entirely wrong. Sitting up under the coverlet, I reached for my phone to discover it was only 54 degrees. My feet are freezing. It feels like late October in PA. I know. You have no sympathy for me but I’m hoping you’ll understand this one thing. We are used to being really warm most of the time. If you subtract 54 from 85 that’s a 31 degree drop. Granted, by Thursday we will back to 77 so “winter” ain’t so bad.

The coldest it has been here is 42 and that’s only happened twice in recorded history. Living in a tropical climate isn’t for everyone. It does get hot here and very humid during the summer. The sun can be very intense. There are tropical storms, hurricanes, coastal flooding. Of course we never get snow here and are frost free. There are trade offs for every climate. Where you live frequently depends on what you can tolerate. As you know, I like it hot. Just listen to the song below from my CD “Songs of Love & the Ocean.”

I Like It Hot

Luckily, I still have socks and shoes, a few jackets, long pants and jeans, for those infrequent bouts of “winter.” A space heater is all we need when the temps remain a little colder than we like. We make soup, bake, nest, just like anyone else.

We do have a job tonight. Chris Rehm, Bob Tucker and I, The Shanty Hounds, have a gig at Grunts Bar, 409 Caroline Street, in Key West. I have a feeling it will still be a bit brisk when we play from 8 to 11pm EST.

So, it gets a little cold here. I’m not out to compare my experience to yours. Having lived in the MidAtlantic for most of my life I completely understand what you’re going through up North. In any event, I hope your winter isn’t too bad. When you get sick of the cold and snow, come on down and visit us. Cheers!


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